ThetaHealing® for business

Because you don’t need to be sick to benefit from a healing

We clear beliefs that are holding you back from success

What can I expect after a healing?

  • You will attract the right clients easily to your business
  • You will be successful in your business and earn the money you want to earn
  • You will have more enjoyment in your business

What can I expect during a session?

  • A one hour ThetaHealing® session face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype
  • Experience the art of digging, which uncovers your limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to test yourself for your own beliefs
  • Clear 1-2 beliefs and gain clarity around what’s been stopping you succeed

How much does a session cost?

$150 AUD for an individual session

The complete business pack includes 6 sessions for $770 AUD.

Where are the sessions held?

Sessions can either be conducted face to face in Newport (on Sydney’s Northern Beaches) or remotely via skype.

How do I book?

Either fill in the booking form or give me a call on +61 415 670 130

Having the correct mindset in business is a MUST. There are hundreds of coaches and consultants out there telling us this. ThetaHealing® is a unique and powerful tool that will clear any limiting beliefs you may have around your business and your success enabling you to have a more profitable and successful business.

Why not come along to one of our ThetaHealing courses and learn how to clear these beliefs yourself as they come up in your life. It is a great tool to have in today’s business world.